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Line dancing accessories such as shirts boots belt buckles hats. Boot Lace Ties, often called Bola Ties and worn these days at Line Dancing and Rock and Roll events.

In the United Kingdom, bolo ties are known as bootlace ties. They were popular with 1950s Teddy Boys, who wore them with drape suits.

Bull Bolo Tie Steer Head Western Cowboy Bootlace Fancy Dress Line Dance Ware Suitable for Men and Women
Country Western Theme
Cowboy Bull and Rope design
Actual Metal Bull and Rope design is: 5cm x 4cm, 34" Long String


Adjustable 36" braided cord (92mm)
silver coloured tips
Hand painted
Fine quality
size approx 30 x 32mm

Light Brown Worn Leather Look Stetson Style Quality Western Cowboy XL Mens Ladies Hat Wrapeezy

Brand: Relco - Style: Cowboy Shirt
Front: Button through front with black snap button closure. Welted pocket to each breast. Flower embroidery to upper half, collar and cuffs. White fabric tubing detail to front. Curved hemline
Machine Washable
Back: Flower embroidery to yoke. White fabric tubing detail to yoke and cuffs. Four snap button closure to cuffs
Viper Style Tip: Wear with jeans and cowboy boots 

Buckle Western Country Music, Guitar - Buckle

 Solid metal scratch resistant enamel
Fits on belts up to 1.57 inches of belt width
Lifestyle Men's Belt Buckle Western Flying Eagle Rodeo Double Color Cowboy


Mens Black & Brown Long Leather Western Cowboy Boots
Leather Uppers
Classic Cowboy Stitching
Tapered Pointed Toes
Non Slip Soles 

Gringos Mens High Clive Western Cowboy Boots

 Western Cowboy Boot.Approx 30cm Leg.

White Blue Western Cowboy Vintage/retro Shirts

A classic western shirts made of Polycotton with popper fastening at the front 4 popper cuff fasterning
Collar Style: Classic Regular Fit and 2 slanted brest pockets, front back and coller embroidery finished with blue piping

Silver 16x15mm Cowboy boot Pendant with a rolo chain


Handmade in the Historic Birmingham Jewellery Quarter 925 Sterling Silver

Mens Cotton Blend Retro Leaf Embroidery Western Shirt


Contrast stitching on collar and Pockets Unique retro leaf emroidery
Poly cotton Button Down Long Sleeve
2 slit chest pockets
Available in a variety of colors, large sizes, and womens sizes

New Mens Black Western Boots

Made by U.S. Brass Colour
Material Synthetic
Howdy Partner....if you dont have a pair of western boots you're missing out, great style and great value!

Jack Daniels Polished Chrome Pocket Watch - Mr Jack

Battery Operated
Quality Japanese movement
Official Jack Daniels product
Pewter Jack Daniels Logo
Supplied in a branded box with chain
Gold Plated Rodeo Steer Belt Buckle including Presentation Box


Pewter Plated and finished with 24ct Gold Plate detailing
Quality Hand Finished Buckle
Will fit any suitable snap-fit belt up to 44mm in width
Buckle Measures approx 108mm x 82mm
Comes in one of my Presentation Boxes
Butterfly in RED Belt Buckle including Presentaion Box

Sold by Bucklebandit Gift-wrap available.


Quality Buckle
Will fit any suitable snap-fit belt up to 44mm in width
Comes in one of my Presentation Boxes
Hand Finished
This buckle measures approx 87mm x 71mm

MGM Women's Belt

  • 100% Naturally Shrunk Full-grain Cowhide
  • 100-2572

Cold Steel Hot Woman Belt Buckle In one of my Presentation Boxes.


Buckle Measures approx 92mm x 74mm Will fit any suitable Snap-Fit Belt up to 44mm in width Metal
Comes in one of my Presentation Boxes
Quality Hand Finished Buckle

Llords Lucky 13 Red Eyes Skull Pewter Pendant Necklace

Hypoallergenic Does not tarnish
Good value Satisfaction guaranteed.
Dan Jewelers LLC, USA has tens of thousands of positive feedbacks across the internet.

Black Cowboy Rockabilly Line Dancing Western Flower Embroidered Shirt S-XXL

Regular Fit
Back: Flower embroidery to yoke. White fabric tubing detail to yoke and cuffs. Four snap button closure to cuffs
Fabric Content & Care Instructions: Polyester/Cotton blend. 30 Degree wash inside out. Do not tumble dry. Medium warm iron inside out
Viper Style Tip: Wear with jeans and cowboy boots


BOLO TIE - bear head (oval)

 Adjustable 36" braided cord (92mm)
silver coloured tips Metal
Hand painted Fine quality
size approx 35 x 45mm

Simply Country: 4cd's of Essential Country Music Box set


To see all

Track Listings just CLICK in

Learning To Line Dance Vol.1 [DVD]

 Beginners Guide to Line-Dancing. Instruction by Maoliosa Bond. Six easy-to-learn dances- "THE ELECTRIC SLIDE" "BLACK VELVET" "GOD BLESS TEXAS""BOOT SCOTIN BOOGIE" " COWBOY CHA CHA" and the very popular "SLAPPIN' LEATHER" Having mastered the steps yourself, sit back and watch the SONS OF A GUN perform for you to some of the most popular Line Dance Music

Good Girls Listen To Country And Western Womens Country Music T Shirt


Collar Style: Round Collar
T Shirt Regular Fit
Premium Quality Soft Style Womens T Shirt- 100% Cotton (Weight: 185gsm) Machine washable



Choreo:Kate Sala
Performed by the Sashae Dancers of PJ Academy Of Dancing, Malaysia.
Teacher: Ms. Nelly Tsen


How to Dress Like a Cowboy

If you want to be in fashion at a Country and Western evening or party or a Line Dancing evening, you need to dress the part. The following steps will show you how to dress like a genuine cowboy, hat and all.

A few Tips

1 - Fit yourself with an authentic brown, black or gray cowboy hat. Wool felt hats are in fashion in the winter and straw cowboy hats are in fashion in the summer. A real cowboy always owns more than one hat.
2 - Dig out a pair of worn-looking jeans from the back of your closet, preferably Levi's or Wrangler's.
3 - Purchase a long sleeve, button-down oxford shirt with two breast pockets. This can be a sold color shirt, plaid or striped. Make sure it's well ironed and wrinkle-free.
4 - Wear brown, black or gray leather handcrafted cowboy boots (depending on what color your hat is).
5 - Wear a western bolo tie, a cord with a decorative clasp that goes around the neck and is worn like a necktie. You can't get anymore cowboy than the bolo tie.
6 - Throw on a leather belt in a color to match your boots and hat, and a huge silver belt buckle, preferably with your name or initials on it, and you are there.

Tips & Warnings


Bill Haley and his Saddlemen

Bill Haley

Bill Haley and his Comets during a TV-appearance.

In 1951 a western swing bandleader named Bill Haley recorded a version of "Rocket 88" with his group, the Saddlemen. It is considered one of the earliest recognized rockabilly recordings. Haley and his band mates crafted a rockabilly sound during this period as the Saddlemen. It was followed by versions of "Rock the Joint" in 1952, and original works such as "Real Rock Drive" and "Crazy Man, Crazy", the latter of which reached #12 on the American Billboard chart in 1953.

On April 12, 1954, Haley with his band (now known as Bill Haley and His Comets) recorded "Rock Around the Clock" for Decca Records of New York City. When first released in May 1954, "Rock Around the Clock" made the charts for one week at number 23, and sold 75,000 copies. A year later it was featured in the film Blackboard Jungle, and soon afterwards it was topping charts all over the world and opening up a new genre of entertainment. "Rock Around the Clock" hit No. 1, held that position for eight weeks, and was the #2 song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 1955. The recording was, until the late 1990s, recognized by Guinness World Records as having the highest sales claim for a pop vinyl recording, with an "unaudited" claim of 25 million copies sold.

Rock 'n' roll, an expansive term coined a couple years earlier by DJ Alan Freed, had now been to the pop mountaintop, a position it would never quite relinquish


In the United Kingdom, bolo ties are known as bootlace ties. They were popular with 1950s Teddy Boys, who wore them with drape suits.

Along with other 1950s fashions, bolo ties were revived as part of the Rockabilly look in the 1980s. The bolo tie returned as a popular fashion accessory in the fall of 1988 when male Hollywood stars would be frequently found wearing them. Chain stores like Jeans West and Merry-Go-Round sold multiple choices for all occasions.

During the 1980s and 1990s bolo ties, some elegant and expensive, were sold in Japan, Korea, and China. Some had fancy, hand-made cords and unusual tips. Sales overseas skyrocketed post 1970's, this was due to the overflow from the United States, where it had fallen out of fashion.


It is also said that the bolo tie is a North American pioneer creation that dates back to between 1866 and 1886. There is a bolo tie on display at a trading post in Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico, said to date back that far

Line Dancing is a popular form of social dancing and one of the few forms of dance that DOES NOT REQUIRE A PARTNER  It is a high energy form of dance and it incorporates moves from waltz, mambo, salsa and many others. Come and get some exercise, have fun and learn some new dances.

Line dancing accessories such as boot lace ties shits boots belt buckles hats


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